Friday, November 18, 2016

Heroes by Happenstance

 The Four Heroes


 Gardener, Import Royal, Bartender, & Undertaker

 Pickpocket, Sprocketeer, & Other Characters

Anti-Paladin & The Circle of Jerks 

Imp Lord, Necromancer, & Spring Nymph

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Melon Pan's Misadventure
IR8 vs. IR7

Mountain Background

Mountain Valley Background

Melon Pan Design (Start to Finish)

Melon Pan Idle

Melon Pan Run

Comic Page 1

Comic Page 2

Comic Page 3


Level 5 Background

Proctor Design and Scene

Shinobi Springen

The Three Dark Ninjer

Oliver Design (Start to Finish)

Oliver and the Three Dark Ninjer

Oliver Jump

Lucy Jump

Ferile Jump

Nardel's Iced Cave

You are What You Eat
Apartment Exterior

Sprocket Cat
Sprocket Cat

Sheng-Long Cat

Rail Cat

Sprocket Cat Cast